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Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan Part 5

Tonight is the last night of these individual reviews. :( I know. But I have read three other books since finishing the Percy Jackson series, so I will be working on those reviews and hopefully have them up soon. Sorry I did not post yesterday, as I said I would. I had a presentation today at a symposium to present my research, so I had to spend yesterday practicing. It was a good experience, but I'm glad it's over.

Ok, so without further ado, my review of the last installment of the Percy Jackson series...

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The Last Olympian: 5/5

Summary: Half-bloods have been preparing all year for this final battle against the Titans. Kronos's army is strong, and he has not only monsters on his side but other demigods as well. Kronos starts his march on New York City as the gods fight Typhon. In order to save Olympus, Percy Jackson and company must fight him. The prophecy finally unfolds, and Percy begins to wonder if he's fighting against his own fate.

As I've mentioned before, this is tied with "The Titan's Curse" as my favorite. To start, this book had so much action and was so fast-paced. I flew through it and found it so hard to put down. I kept saying, "Just one more chapter" for like every chapter. It got a little ridiculous. But it was seriously that good.

There was so much going on but not in a confusing way. The story building is absolutely fantastic. There are some side stories going on, such as Nico and Percy's plan that they don't tell anyone and, less detailed, the gods fighting Typhon.

And it brings back all the characters you've grown to know and love. Thalia, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Tyson, Grover. They're all here and fighting for Western civilization. And, of course, Percy and Annabeth (Percabeth...uhhhhh <3). This book seriously gave me all the feels. I can't get over how wonderful it truly is.

All the buildup to this story was not wasted. I feel like sometimes a series has all this buildup to the last book, and when the conflict finally resolves it seems like kind of a letdown. But this series did not disappoint. There was buildup and it worked out perfectly.

I found myself smiling at the end. I was just so happy with how everything played out. Outstanding ending to an outstanding series. Percy Jackson forever!!!

Ok, so that wraps up my review of Percy Jackson. If I did not reiterate enough, I have so much love for this series. The characters are so lovable and fun, the plot lines are fast-paced and action-filled, the stories are interesting, and the books are so hard to put down. They're quick reads that are just so much fun!

Have you read The Last Olympian? What did you think? What was your favorite part? Did you like how the series wrapped up? How do you feel about Percabeth? Do you wish it would've ended differently?


Janine :)

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